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States face an uphill battle in meeting the needs of adult learners, especially at a time when technology is advancing rapidly. Adults can turn to adult education programs to improve their skills, but enrollments have fallen in recent years. Low-skilled workers are being left behind as technology shifts the workforce toward the middle-skills level. Educators and policymakers will need to reach these adults with education and training to fill plentiful, well-paying middle-skill jobs in their states.

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Manifesto for Adult Learning in the 21st Century: The Power and Joy of Learning

Challenge Goal Increasing percentages of adults without high school or postsecondary credentials will pursue opportunities to earn them. Read more. Vincenne Revilla-Beltran, Ph. Barnabas Senior Care. Alumni Success Learn where our graduate education alumni have gone on to build their careers. More profiles. Raymond Houston, Ed.

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Kimberly Rassau, Ed. Program Objectives Upon successful completion of this program, a student will: Analyze the characteristics of diverse populations of adult learners for the purpose of adult education and training. Manage, develop and evaluate human resources in adult education settings across the lifespan of lifelong learners. Design, develop, and implement adult learning methods which incorporate technologies and learning theories for use in face-to-face, hybrid and online instruction.

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Facilitate and evaluate curricula for a variety of content areas that incorporate diverse adult learner populations and settings across the lifespan of the adult lifelong learner. Design, develop and manage adult education learning programs from the needs analysis to the evaluation process.

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Analyze the settings of adult education and apply program planning models based on contingency variables. Design and deliver online course content based on current research based best practices.