Alchemy and Kabbalah

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List Price:. Publisher Identifier:. Retail Price:. Bulk Discounts for Alchemy and Kabbalah. Overview A groundbreaking text on alchemy by the leading scholar of Jewish mysticism is presented here for the first time in English translation.

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Scholem looks critically at the connections between alchemy, the Jewish Kabbalah; its christianized varieties, such as the gold- and rosicrucian mysticisms, and the myth-based psychology of C. Jung, and uncovers forgotten alchemical roots embedded in the Kabbalah. Product Details Series:.

Alchemy and Kabbalah

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    Old Magic of Christmas. Linda Raedisch. Moon Spells. Diane Ahlquist. The Book of English Magic. Richard Heygate. The Galdrabok. Stephen E Flowers. Kabbalah is considered by its followers as a necessary part of the study of Torah.

    Hermetic Qabalah - Wikipedia

    This is definitely an esoteric, mystical, occult philosophy. Not part of mainstream Judaism. Cabala does deal with philosophical question, like the nature of the universe or human beings, or why are we here. In a future episode we will talk about Hermetic and Christian Kabbalah , which has more in common with some alchemists believed. However we thought it important and interesting to lay the foundation with the original… and to kind of break up an otherwise huge topic.

    That could be its whole own podcast series.. Another important caveat is that we sort of stop with Medieval cabala, which was the influence of hermetic and christian cabala. Later developments are very interesting, but simply outside our scope. Remember the different hidden meanings in the Torah we mentioned earlier? So here we go:. So basically each of the ten circles is one way God reveals himself.

    Talks of when god split the sea into 7 streams isaiah which make up the lower 7 sephirot associated with strenght, victory etc.

    Alchemy and Kabbalah

    They are as follows:. It is a neutral one, a balance between the two opposing forces of male and female tendencies.

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    Some teachings describe the Sephirot on the centre pillar as gender-neutral, while others say that the Sephirot vary in their sexual attributions. While the pillars are each given a sexual attribution, this does not mean that every sephirah on a given pillar has the same sexual attribution as the pillar on which they sit.