Carla Green: Sexual Exorcist #2 - The Sexorcism (reluctant paranormal gangbang)

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Overpayments will be refunded in US Funds only. The results of this poll were intriguingly diverse; some participants prepared separate lists for tapes and discs, others combined both formats into a single list. It's quite a bit longer, more lucid, more accurately letterboxed. Too much of a good thing?

So's the Library of Congress. This mammoth box set not only blows them out of the water, it blows them out of the water unbelievably high. Every detail, every color, every nuance is to die for.

We say "almost every bit of music" because a Canadian collector we know recently unearthed an 8m recording of the film's original Overture, which isn't included here. Undeniably and reliably a knockout. Free Design Listing. As for the movie itself. It loses some points because the supplement isn't all that it might have been, but the film itself has never looked or sounded better, and the commentaries by Roeg, David Bowie and Buck Henry provide stimulating company.

Well, maybe slightly less two of the toons included here are minus a couple of "blown-up-into-blackface" gags, but there are still plenty of those on display. Nine of the best hours in cartoon history in one convenient package. LD Painstakingly restored and remixed, the most desirable version of this Disney classic is whichever one your disc player can access frame-by-frame. For most people, that would be the CAV edition in the handsome red leatherette, gold-embossed box The main feature, however, is nothing less than the Sistine Chapel of feature-length animation.

One of the key fantasy films of the s, preserved to perfection. A wistful look back to a far more dangerous, yet far less cynical era in American history, this may be the first film since PEEPING TOM to seriously explore the public's fascination with, and need for, horror films. It's also available as a 1. Something Weird Video tells us things about the horror cinema that most of us never suspected. As morbidly romantic as Poe, as philosophically dangerous as Sade, as exhibitionistic as Franco, Marins and his onscreen alter ego.

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There are 10 volumes in this overview of pre-Soviet Russian cinema, dating from Due to the complel W topes, we ore confident you won't be let down. Watch thes. The poster I s Sick! Marins plays a ed hy his disciple Marcelo Mona, this horror. Personal checks must dear before shipping. Please odd S3 postage lor 1st 1 lope. SO each additional tope. Overseas orders odd S7 per lope.

A first- rate production, and a Arst-rate introduction to what laser technology makes possible for those who have yet to make the jump. Movie Club—The new film magazine the fans are talking about—is now going into its 4th issue. Did you miss our first three? You won't want to miss any more! Plenty of great photos! Lots of photos and reviews of the 10 best! Glossy covers, 8V5 x 11 format. LAO has yet to be made.

Be sure to avoid the R-rated version currently taking up shelf space at a Blockbuster near you. Also available on laserdisc. I'd strap-on this great looking and sounding disc anytime. TL, PS. Woo expertly paints an urban canvas of good vs. Lamberto Bava eclipses former mentor Dario Argento with this amazing re-invention of the giallo. Why is a killer stealing body parts from his victims? Brigitte Lam Ching-ha aka Lin Ching-hsia and Leslie Cheung Kwa-hweng star as star-crossed lovers whose warring factions cannot and will not allow their love to prosper.

In addition to the beautiful visuals and dazzling action scenes, this also boasts one of cinema's most memorably bizarre villains: psychotic brother-and-sister Siamese Twins Francis Ng Chun-yu and Elaine Lui Sui-ling who are joined at the back! Also available on laserdisc from Universe Laser and Yideo Co.

Also available on laserdisc from Tai Seng, though that shorter version lacks the original downbeat ending. While some of the shorts are familiar and somewhat pedestrian, others—such as the antics of Flip the Frog or the surrealistic fables of Willie Whopper—are absolutely marvelous. Kino has released the shorts in their unvarnished original form. An expanded laserdisc version is scheduled for release through Image Entertainment A young girl becomes schizophrenic and causes her lover's life to become a Hell on earth. She even feeds him one of her victims! Serena Grand!

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LD One of the least celebrated assets of home video is its ability to invoke memories of the past. It was a true pleasure to see it once again under such ideal circumstances. Our only hope is that they continue along this path and do not go the way of TNT and replace their rare offerings with sports and made-for-cable duds. Just watch the opening credits with the volume cranked and you'll see. There he meets a bandit Tomas Milian and, over the course of the film, their roles reverse.

Ennio Morricone's atypical score adds a surreal dimension to the proceedings. The 1. Free searches for any film. A team of translators are working full-time to bring a potpouri of other-wise unavailable films to our members. Write to Video Search of Miami today!

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Warner's "20th Anniversary" release is in the best condition of the three, and it also boasts a fun trailer. I know my choices should reflect outstanding presentation—proper and well-utilized applications of the video format— but I can't help it. One of Dino's most over-the-top extravagances boasting an even crappier Lorenzo Semple. It's also kind of fun watching Sam J.

Jones and Melody Anderson, the leading mannequins, try to speak at least one of them got to keep her real voice. And the sort-of-adequate letterbox transfer provides a better look at Danilo Donati's incredibly rich production design. Hey, it's cheap and it's fun. Which is probably all of us.

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Also available on disc. First, this two-disc set looks and sounds better; the HK disc looks washed out, and the sound is muffled. Secondly, the Japanese version utilizes an uncut print, something Cinema City neglected to do, instead using the censored HK release version. Lastly, the Japanese version is packaged in a beautiful gatefold sleeve, which easily outshines the dull covers given the HK discs. Zombies, Cannibals, Vampires, Inquisition. Witchcraft and more! Directed by Robert Wise, a disciple of the master of the form, Val Lewton. Republic, VHS You're draggin' your axle in waltz time if you haven't already picked up this pristine widescreen transfer of Jack Arnold's cult classic released on laserdisc in late The original theatrical trailer 2m 9s is also included.

VHS Although it relies a bit too much on wirework and flashy editing, director Yuen Woo-ping's fast- paced tale about China's answer to Robin Hood overcomes serious competition and emerges as the best HK rollercoaster ride of the year Epic in scope, with a musical score that will tug at your emotions and an ending that rules out any sequel, this is one of the best action films of any year.

A trifle soft visually, but the positive aspects of the tapes more than compensate for this flaw. The film's U.