Flagrant Three

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Report: NBA won’t rescind Embiid’s 3rd flagrant foul

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The idea is not terrible but the implementation in this case is. Killdozer only had to deal with the local law forces before it got stuck, if it found itself in warzone it would not have done aswell. Plus killdozer wasnt moded to add any sort of offensive capability other that a regular dozer alredy has, it was pure armor.

It did withstand 3 external demolitions explosives and hundreds of small arms rounds, Including a.

NBA - 2017-18 Ejections ᴴᴰ

They had to cut in with oxy-acetylene. It had guns embedded into it, granted you couldn't aim it but it is not meant to be for warzones, hence why stuff like it is used for Orks. Ork stuff is basically makeshift all the way through with good enough being the core value.

It wouldn't compare to actual military equipment. Half the reason orks even are a threat is because the bull they make works on hopes and dreams no kidding. But ISIS ain't orkz. All im saying is killdozer was considered a success because it was good enough to deal with what the police threw at it.

Marcelo ejection, Wright flagrant foul mar Game 3 as physicality escalates

But ISIS was waging a war and something like killdozer ain't good enough for a war Comment edited at. Per Page:.

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  • LeBron James says other players targeting him with flagrant fouls | CTV News.
  • Joel Embiid nearing automatic suspension for flagrant fouls.
  • Flagrant Three.
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  • Watch Grayson Allen Get Ejected for Flagrant Foul vs. Celtics at Summer League.
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  • It is what it is. The league thought otherwise, handing down punishment for Simmons after reviewing the non-call. A flagrant 1 foul carries a one-point penalty in the playoffs.

    Marcelo ejection, Wright flagrant foul mar Game 3 as physicality escalates

    Once a player exceeds three points, they receive an automatic one-game suspension. Skip to content.

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