The Call of God — Abraham and Lot

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God calls on a man named Abram, living with his father Terah and his wife Sarai in Haran, a city in upper Mesopotamia. Abram takes up residence there and erects a number of altars throughout the land as symbols of his devotion to God. After a brief stay in Egypt, Abram becomes wealthy and returns to Canaan, where, with the help of only men, he defeats a legion of marauding armies from the East that has descended upon Sodom, where Lot is currently living.

The king of Sodom recognizes Abram for his great deed, and the priest Melchizedek blesses Abram with a gift of bread and wine.

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Abram returns home where God speaks to him again regarding his covenant. A ceremony is performed in which God passes a blazing pot through pieces of sacrificed animals, symbolizing that his promise will not be broken. Sarai cannot become pregnant, but she wants to give her husband an heir.

To this end, she sends her handmaiden Hagar to sleep with Abram. Once again, God speaks with Abram, this time enjoining Abram to remain blameless in his behavior and adding a new requirement to his everlasting covenant. Abram and all his descendants must now be circumcised as a symbol of the covenant, and God promises Abram a son through Sarai.

The son is to be called Isaac, and it will be through Isaac that the covenant is fulfilled. One day, God appears to Abraham in the form of three men. Since Abraham had no children, he had that God would keep his promise.

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Abraham went wherever God told him to, so he and his family always lived in. Noah lived until was 58 and lived until was 48! Abraham's brother, Nahor, married Milcah, who was Abraham's other brother, Haran's daughter. Sarai was Abraham's half-sister. The Hebrews did NOT believe they could work there way into heaven.

The Life of Abraham: Abram and Lot Separate

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  2. 12. The Call of Abram (Genesis 11:31-12:9)?
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"Abraham - The Call" - Genesis 11:27 - 12:3

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