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Hike Shirley Canyon, shop at one of our retailers, or enjoy an outdoor meal in the village at Squaw Valley. Aerial Tram Rides. Take the scenic Aerial Tram to el. Some things are more fun with a group. The Mothership Classic. Dressing up is strongly encouraged! Cost: free to participate.

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Enter Ruth. Ruth is completely in charge of our church. Okay, not literally, but she played the organ for the choir for fourteen years and is now a permanent fixture by our front doors where she greets both newcomers and old friends. She knows her Bible. When the Bible talks about shining a light, I think it has her footnoted.

When I first decided to talk about my addiction, I fe lt ashamed, especially around saints like Ruth. Unaware of that, Ruth attended my first-ever speaking gig, aptly called Courage in Recovery.

She sat right up front, and I think she even took notes. Later she gave me a hug and asked kind, insightful questions, and I relaxed.

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Actually, nobody does that sort of thing in our church. She is grace and wisdom and discipleship all in one wonderful, well-dressed package. To this day, she is one of my biggest cheerleaders, and she sends me encouraging handwritten notes every month. Ruth showed me a vision of what God wants for me. She showed me grace.

the mothership

I very much want to be like her when I grow up. The friendship I have with my husband is deep and important and real, but there is nothing like the friendships I have with these women.

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Ministry can take all forms, and this one showed me how to mother, and minister, myself. We talk and really listen, and then we repeat. We circle up, and out. Anita is a new friend, which means she has not weathered the test of time of my Dana-ness, and who knows how that will go. Anita is a mom, and she is a creative soul.

The Mothership

On more than one occasion, she has ugly-cried in front of me, and I adore her for this. She might also get you giggling so hard you do the snort-laugh, which is an awkward rite of passage for anyone who is to be my friend. Anita is a bit of a loose cannon and she is, for this reason alone, a very crucial part of this mothership. She asks lots of good questions.

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She is vulnerable. And she demonstrates loads of graceā€”for herself, her kids, her hus band, and for all of us moms who wonder how to do this gig with out going just a little bit crazy. I do that on Mondays at 10 a. We laugh. Did you have someone? Dana Bowman is a wife, mother, teacher, writer, and runner. She has been published in numerous magazines and is the proud author at Momsieblog. One day, she hopes to master the skill of making sure all dessert apportionment is completely equal.

Your email address will not be published. Search for:. I h ave been a reluctant church goer for much of my life. There were some problems with that. About the Author. Thank you to Dana Bowman.