Visualization: Create and Achieve Your Goals Faster Than You Could Imagine (Start Your Success)

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If you could experience any life of your choosing, where would you start? You relax in your comfiest chair or on your bed, put on some headphones, and close your eyes. Twenty minutes later, you emerge like a new person — knowing that the experiences you desire are already starting to manifest in your life. In other words: creative visualization helps you grow into the person you want to be — and allows you to enjoy more of the experiences you want.

Mental Training: Become a Better Dancer through Visualization

A two-part video training from Vishen Lakhiani about the complete science behind how creative visualization works — and discover a series of must-know rules that many experts say will produce the best and fastest results. Twelve amazing guided Emotion Fueled Visualization EFV sessions by Lisa Nichols that inspire you to dream bigger, attract bigger things and make these things manifest in your life even faster than before.

You can use these Ambient Sounds as background music. This set of high definition ambient tracks are brilliantly engineered for perfect sound synchronicity and provide a rich, detailed experience. Proven by science to have an immediate calming effect on your brain, this helps you get into the mood for creative visualization anytime, anywhere — at the press of a button.

Amplify your meditation practice with this powerful visualization track and begin consistently experiencing the full benefits of your meditation sessions -— from deep states of mind to tranquil relaxation. Bring up scenarios from your workplace and your private life, and discover how to easily dissolve moments of stress instantly. Transform yourself into a powerful being with the ability to create your own luck. Visualize yourself manifesting progressively larger and more ambitious experiences, to the point where wealth and abundance are no longer barriers to your life goals.

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Be guided through highly vivid imagery to allow you to tap into your once dormant intuitive potential. Visualize yourself unleashing a profound boost in spiritual connectedness with your surroundings, and discover your higher self and your true purpose in life. Prepare yourself to be taken on an enriching and enlightening journey toward accepting the absolute beauty of your body.

This mesmerizing visualization will help you become what you think about everyday, teach you how to love and embrace yourself, and how to envision an ageless lifestyle. In this visualization track, learn how to form an unshakeable bond between your mind and your body. Through the sheer power of your mind, you will learn to connect and command your body to kick start your self-healing, boost your immune system and even naturally shed those extra pounds — for good.

Construct crystal clear images of your ideal body to the most minute of detail. From your healthy and clean organs to your energized and toned muscles — all working in perfect synergy to bullet-proof your health, drastically slow down aging and to revitalize your entire body.

Visualize a powerful attraction toward abundance in every aspect of your life — your dream car, the perfect home, your ideal holiday destinations — everything. You will also take it a step further and picture the vast contributions you will make with the wealth you have created toward the betterment of humanity and the world.

Discover true happiness that radiates from your core and spreads to the people around you. Visualize the most positive version of yourself — great character, strong values, balanced emotional control — and, in turn, attract only the people who uplift your happiness further. Discover the power of emotional intelligence, allowing you to handle even the most stressful of situations with ease.

How To Visualise - a step-by-step guide to visualisation

Form clear and vivid images of your business or career booming, and the rewards that brings. Visualize every detail of your ideal job — from completing your projects in record time, to experiencing exponential growth in your workplace — and imagine having the self-motivation that comes from immersing yourself in your true passions every single day. Create the perfect network of friends and family, those who will be there to support you in your times of need and celebrate with you during your moments of success.

Imagine your perfect relationship dominated by the purest and most uplifting emotion: love. Feel the pleasure of unconditional love, both in giving and receiving, and visualize the benefits of a healthy and passionate love life. Experience the joy and gratitude of being a supportive parent to your children AND a loving son or daughter to your parents.

Envision strong, unbreakable bonds within the family dynamic and imagine creating the perfect relationship with both your parents and children — one as easy as it is rewarding. You will feel great in the now. This confidence itself is something that people would pay thousands of dollars for , not to mention the priceless feeling of watching all your dreams come true one by one. And, as you already know, both of your teachers have prolific backgrounds in personal growth and learning from them in any way is both a blessing and an opportunity.

As a colleague and Life Coach, I look forward to continuing this beautiful and amazing journey with you both. Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to participate in this creative visualization. My 12 year old daughter came and gave me a hug at the end of the session because she said she knew I had to be crying.

Very emotional and it was so real!!! Again, Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! But since we believe it is so important to learn the powerful skill of creative visualization in this day and age, so that you can live an extraordinary life and push humanity forward, we have arranged a special limited-time introductory discount. Your success, your abundance, your relationships — and even your health.

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  • Create a vision board. At its core, a vision board is a set of visual images that represent the story you are telling yourself about who are and what your life is like. It comes with a DVD, sample vision board and tools to help you create your vision board. Act as if. State your goals in the present tense like you have already achieved them. One of the most important elements of creation is the ability to see yourself already in possession of the materialistic or physical state you are creating, prior to actual evidence of such. Take action. You have your work to do too.

    Practice repetition. Look at the images on your vision board every day. Repetitiveness of vision combined with your associated emotions will develop your power to visualize and achieve your goals. Visualize the Life You Want. The subconscious mind is a captive audience for the movies we play in our head. As soon as you wake up in the morning, take five or so minutes to focus your mind on your desires, goals, and intentions. Sit in a comfortable position, close your eyes and visualize what your life will look like once you accomplished your biggest goals and dreams.

    How will you spend your days? Who will you spend them with, and where? Spend 30 seconds to a minute on each of your core goals and desires. Focus on imagining how you will FEEL when you have manifested your ideal life. The intensity of this feeling will fuel the intensity of the results you will get.

    Once you have that energized feeling of achievement running through you, visualize your day ahead going exactly as planned and moving you closer to your goals. This will motivate you to stay on target and accomplish so much more during your day. Another powerful way to keep your biggest, most ambitious goals top of mind is by surrounding yourself with visual images of the experiences you want to create in your life.

    There are many tools you can use for this, but my favorite is creating a vision board. Put these images somewhere where you will see them every day—on the mirror, the refrigerator, or in a vision book. For even greater impact, combine your pictures with words that reflect your desired outcome, such as abundance, romance, fun, or vitality.

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    My team and I developed a complete vision board system that allows you to create a beautiful vision board for yourself — complete with inspirational words, affirmations, and quotes, and assorted blank templates that allow you to add your own personal messages to your vision board. You can check it out here. If such thoughts arise in your mind, as you become aware of them, simply let them go.

    When you notice yourself reacting to a person or situation with disappointment, resentment, frustration, or anger, consciously shift your focus to thoughts that make you feel a more positive emotion.